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Trends: Proactive Immunity

Pete Maletto was recently featured in Nutrition Industry Executive Check examining strategies for proactive immune health. Check out a quick sneak-peak below, and head over to Nutrition Industry Executive to read the full-story!

Sneak Peak!

Maletto made note of echinacosdes, natural phenols, which he described as “a mainstay from the 70s.” And he named goldenseal “a big one” especially because of the alkaloid it contains, berberine. “The raw herb doesn’t do as much,” Maletto said. “It needs to be concentrated, extracted. I actually work on delivery systems, using coding, emulsification, nano technology and the micronizing of ingredients.” He also recommended citrus bergamot in the form of an essential oil for reducing cholesterol as well as turmeric in soft gel capsules for its anti-inflammatory properties.


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