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Clean Engineered Ingredients®

We’re on a never-ending mission to make cleaner, more functional, and better-tasting ingredients for use in food, beverage, and dietary supplement products.

Smooth Protein®

Premium Plant Proteins

Smooth Protein®

Welcome to the next level in plant-based nutrition - SmoothProtein®! We have harnessed the power of nature's finest sources to create a line of protein ingredients that are second to none. Our groundbreaking range includes Mung Bean Protein, Pea Protein, Chickpea Protein, and Fava Bean Protein.

Each variety of SmoothProtein® is fine-tuned for superior solubility utilizing our proprietary extraction processes, providing seamless integration into any recipe or product formulation. With a focus on achieving exceptional mouthfeel, our proteins enrich your products with a velvety texture that is simply unparalleled. Beyond just great texture and solubility, SmoothProtein® delivers potent functional performance, fitting flawlessly into a wide array of applications.

Discover the difference with SmoothProtein®. Upgrade your nutrition, elevate your product creations, and feel the power of plant-based protein like never before. It's time to experience the SmoothProtein® revolution. Your customers and their taste buds, will thank you!