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Trends: Formulating Healthy Beverages

Pete Maletto, Sr. Scientist & President of PTM Food Consulting, recently wrote an article for Nutraceuticals World on formulating healthy beverages. Check out a quick sneak-peak below, and head over to Nutraceuticals World to read the full-story!

Sneak Peak!

Items that were once staples of the American diet since the mid-twentieth century have become offensive, as knowledge improves about what is good for our bodies and what is not. Consumers have learned that beverages can be healthy, functional and low in calories while still maintaining their thirst-quenching appeal. Sugary, high-calorie beverages continue to decline year after year, while naturally sweetened, lower calorie beverages report multiple digit increases. Consumer tastes have gone back to basics with few and natural ingredients and easy to understand labeling. But while they want more basic ingredients, consumers also look for more functional ones, including vitamins for obvious health benefits, herbs for mental well-being, amino acids for recovery, protein for weight management and even caffeine for energy.


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