Sports Nutrition Development is One of the Specialties Here at PTM Food


Whether it is protein powders, protein bars. Pre-workout enhancers, post workout enhancers, prohormone, or any other physique maximizing formulations, PTM has led the way in development of these types of products for nearly a decade. PTM Food was one of the forefront innovators in nitric oxide pre-workout formulations and continues to research and develop through working with the latest ingredients and clinical studies to help our companies and clients achieve maximum training results for their customers.


PTM Food’s product innovation development for sports nutrition products includes:
  • Formulation (s)
  • Prototypes
  • Sourcing
  • Conducting Efficacy and Clinical Studies (used for your marketing)
  • FDA Labeling


PTM Food’s Areas of Expertise include, but are not limited to:
  • Protein Powders (also Ready To Drink Protein Beverages)
  • Pre and Post Workout (also Ready To Drink Development)
  • Fat Burners/Thermogenics
  • Fitness Foods
  • Sports Nutrition Protein Bars


Other capsule and tablet formulations

PTM Food knows what it takes to develop next generation, industry-shattering, ground-breaking sports nutrition products. We realize the need for innovation and the importance of marketing products that work for your customer. We only develop REAL products with REAL ingredients.

We understand that claims and misleading messages leave many consumers wondering why the products they buy fail to deliver the results they expect. Your success depends on your customers’ ability to trust your product and that is why you need formulations they can rely on… coupled with the research to back it up. At PTM Food, it is our goal to provide sports development formulations that are deeply rooted in science, utilizing Ingredients that have been clinically researched and tested to be safe and extremely effective. With PTM Food you can launch the world’s next successful sports nutrition brand.

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