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Food and Snack

Food is North America’s premier product development and manufacturing support firm specializing in a variety of industries. We are comprised of a group of passionate. Based in Paris, we work closely with clients from.

Beverage Development

Bringing a consumer product to life, such as a beverage is no easy task. The product must have all the culinary aspects to be a winner because after all taste is the most important factor in beverage development, which in the end -builds your brand.

We are the only beverage development company in the world that has the knowledge to develop formulations across the entire range of processes including, Aseptic (Tetra Pak, Bottle etc), Retort, Hot Fill, Cold Fill and ESL Pasteurization.

Type of beverage formulations

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise, Concor delivers world class infrastructure solutions. We embrace holistic development and support for employees.

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Let’s create something extraordinary together.

We work with organizations to craft exciting customer experiences all on the foundation of our belief that food should be fun and functional.

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