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Capsules and Tablets – PTM Food has developed more than 300 dietary supplement and pharmaceutical products since our inception. These products include vitamin and herbal formulations in regards to development for specific nutritional biochemistry, life extension, health/condition related issues and even sports nutrition. PTM Food has also generated the supported research about the various herbs, vitamins and amino acids the uses in formulations for promotional usage. We also design and formulate capsules and tablets in relation to formula specifics/elementals and human nutrition. We have the capability to incorporate in-house standards for tableting and encapsulation operations and implement HPLC standardizations on all herbal products from raw material suppliers and to provide labeling calculations regarding vitamin, amino, mineral elemental and herbal standardizations and applying Supplement Facts panel legalities.


Powders – PTM Food has formulated hundreds of dietary supplement powder products including functional powders containing vitamins, minerals and herbal fortifications. We can formulate powder products such as high protein, pre and post workout, meal replacements, or any other product you wish with any macronutrient ratioand functionality desired. We can also provide labeling calculations regarding macronutrient, micronutrient, mineral elemental and herbal standardizations and while applying Supplement Facts panel legalities.

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