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If your looking for truly functional shot beverage formulation make sure you reach out to the nutritional biochemistry experts at PTM Food. We can develop your functional shot beverage with innovative amino acid, vitamin and herbal technology to give your product a point of difference that you can market and gain an edge over your competitors in a crowded marketplace. We have worked extensively in the innovation of this type of supplement beverage development and have put together some of the biggest industry leading products in shot format.


This has been liquid types of dietary supplement shots in various functionalities such as energy, pre workout, post workout, mood elevation/neurotransmitter enhancement, endurance, antioxidant, protein, relaxation, focus, libido, joint support and even sleep functionality. We have developed the industries most functional shots, with leading scientific research as the core of the development of the shot beverage.


We produce the best tasting shot drinks with no bitter aftertaste utilizing our in house custom flavor masking technologies. If you are looking for a shot beverage formualation then look no further, we’ll make sure you have the best product, and most importantly, the most functional product to ensure success for your company.

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