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In 1996, PTM Food’s Pete Maletto developed the first ever shelf stable high protein RTD beverage to hit the market. Today, his innovation continues with even higher levels of protein and specialty nutrients, which combined have produced numerous taste awards and sales of over 800 million in 2012 for his clients in this catagory. Developing over 80% of the RTD protein drink segment, PTM Food has become the worldwide leader and expert with these very difficult shelf stable formulations.


With this vast experience in dairy and protein science we can develop various forms of Ready To Drink (RTD) protein beverage packaging such as low acid tetra pak, plastic bottle, and retort canned methods. This can be in the form of high protein drinks, meal replacement, protein energy drinks and sport beverages, being low sugar, all natural, or sugar free beverages, that have functionality and nutritional capabilities thats can take your brand to the next level.

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