Initial Consultation

We explore every new venture with a kick-off meeting to discuss your project, share ideas and understand exactly what you would like to accomplish. After thoroughly discussing your project, our team will compose a proposal for your specific needs – detailing our approach to the project, milestones, timeline, deliverables, and fee structures.

We encourage all of our potential clients to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement with our firm prior to the kick-off meeting so that ideas can be expressed freely. We do have our own agreement for your convenience, but we will be happy to review your own agreement as well.


Product Design & Prototyping

Once your project has begun, we will demonstrate how and what we plan to accomplish by presenting our proposed product design. You’ll receive a list of hand picked ingredients and FDA compliant nutrition/supplement fact panels that are generated from our initial theoretical formulations.

Next, we’ll begin developing physical prototypes in our in-house R&D laboratory. Our lab’s prototyping process will be a replication of your manufacturer’s  processes to ensure a smooth transition into full-scale production. All prototypes will go through rigorous sensory, stability, and microbial analyses in an effort to develop an overall superior product.


Quality & Stability Testing

Ensuring the stability and long-term quality of a product is essential for any successful launch. Every product’s needs vary greatly, however our testing and analyses range from sensory evaluation, microbial analysis, rheological evaluations, flexible incubation studies, and more. The results of our analysis are critical to finalize formulation systems and establish an appropriate manufacturing approach. Our shelf-life capabilities include full-term testing as well as accelerated testing.


Process Design & Support

Whether your project requires small batch pilot plant trials or immediate scale-up, our team will design and develop a process for your manufacturer to implement in order to most efficiently produce your product. Processes will be designed to ensure optimal product quality and safety while increasing production efficiencies to drive down cost.

At this stage in the project we will also connect you directly with your ingredient suppliers, contract manufacturer and other professionals needed for route to market. We’ll continue to serve as continued to support through any manufacturer pilot runs and initial product runs to ensure  that your product is produced as intended.