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PTM Food offers clients both unmatched experience and expertise in the areas of Food Product Development. We bring vast the experience to every project as we can initialize formulations, produce prototypes, carry out laboratory and pilot plant experiments, perform plant trials and strategize initial production for your company. We work closely with each client to analyze formulations, review the manufacturing processes, secure suppliers and ingredients as well develop packaging options to reduce product costs.


Cereal – Pete Maletto Company CEO and Senior Scientist, pioneered the first low carbohydrate cereal ever produced. He also pioneered the high protein extruded soy nuggets that are found in cereal bars and other food products. Mr. Maletto has developed low glycemic cereal, low-carb, low sugar, high protein, organic, all natural, functional, vitamin and mineral fortification and even flavored oatmeal food products.


Pasta – PTM Food has worked extensively in pasta food product development extrusion. In 1999, Mr. Maletto developed the first low carbohydrate spaghetti and pasta products. PTM Food offers experience in both short and long cuts of pastas as well as in specialized formulations such as high fiber, whole grain, high protein, organic, low carbohydrate, reduced carbohydrate, flavored and colored pasta products.


Ingredients – PTM Food has been instrumental in the development of many new cutting edge ingredients. These include various spray-dried products that contain no trans fats, and have specific macro and micronutrient specifications.


Baked Goods – PTM Food has been a pioneer in the development of baked foods such as cookies, crackers, breads, baked chips, and pastries. Mr. Maletto was the first to develop protein-fortified cookies, breads, bake mixes, as well as low carbohydrate cookies utilizing cutting edge ingredients.
Fried Snacks – PTM Food has successfully developed numerous projects in the extruded snack food segment including natural, “good-for-you” snacks, such as high protein, low carbohydrate, high fiber, organic, pellet, and low fat / good fat fried type products.


Condiments – PTM Food has developed many condiment products such as ketchups, mustards, tomato sauces, salsas, syrups, jellies, peanut butters, mayonnaises and other dressings. These products include organic, sugar free and low fat varieties that have the taste and texture of full fat and full sugar condiments.


Snack/Protein Bar Extrusion – PTM Food has wide-ranging experience in the protein and snack bar cold extrusion process, and has won several taste awards in this category. Mr. Maletto was the first food technologist to utilize several ingredients that had specific functionality of increasing taste and texture of protein bars while reducing water activity and increasing shelf life. Applications such as high protein, crunch and low fat can be formulated to meet your desires. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 PTM Food won the award for the best tasting high protein bar in the sports nutrition / bodybuilding arena.


Flavor and Masking – PTM Food has reformulated many existing food and beverage products to utilize new and innovative flavor systems. These new systems provide improved flavor profiles that are more appealing to the senses and taste buds. PTM Food can apply masking agents that can hide the unfavorable notes in your product (from soy or dairy proteins).

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