How to we start the process of working with you?

Fill out the form here or call us to tell us about yourself and give us some brief information explaining how we can help. We will then sign non-disclosure statements so that your idea is safe when you are speaking with us. Then we initiate a phone conference with you and your team to discuss the project in depth after which, we will draft a proposal based on the project requirements and desired timetable. After you accept proposal, we will begin work on your project.

How much do you charge for Product Development?

The total fee depends on the complexity of the project only, easier projects take less time and result in lower costs. The project proposal outlines the parameters of the project and includes a comprehensive list of services that PTM Food Consulting will provide. In order to maintain trust and a high comfort level all proposals require only a fifty percent downpayment and the balance upon completion.

When can we start working together?

Once your project has been discussed and the proposal has been signed, you will talk to one of our product development specialists, who will be your project leader. Your project leader will walk you through the development process from conceptualization to prototypes, from pilot to production.

Do the formulations become my property once they are completed?

Once finalized, we sign your formulas over to you and they become your sole intellectual property. These formulas represent the value of your company. Any trade secrets or developmental innovations are yours to capitalize on.

What is a Non Disclosure Agreement?

After our initial contact, please submit a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) of your own or download the standard one attached to the bottom of this page.

A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract that outlines confidential materials or knowledge you wish to share with us about your project, but wish to restrict from generalized use. In other words, it is a contract, which we agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement. This NDA protects you the client and creates a confidential relationship between both of us, which will secure any type of trade secrets we share with each other during our consultation.

NDAs are commonly signed in the food and beverage industry when two companies or individuals are considering doing business together and need to understand the processes used in one another’s businesses solely for the purpose of evaluating the potential business relationship.

Please click here to download the PTM Food Consulting NDA, formatted in a word document. If you have your own NDA please send that, we have a wide open policy!

Still have questions?

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