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PTM Food is a full service project management and product development company serving the North American and International food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. The business has its state of the art laboratories located in Wall Township NJ, where all the in house technical work is performed and conducted.


The business was started by entepreneurial food technologist, Pete Maletto, who has had a distinguished and successful executive career as a food scientist and product development director in the food, beverage, sports nutrition, and dietary supplement industry.


Armed with experienced food and beverage technologists with over 20 years in the food beverage and sports nutrition business, PTM Food identifies consumer driven trends for their clients and creates unique, innovative formulations to serve them. The company has developed over 300 products since its inception and in 2012, total products developed by PTM Food Consulting had achieved gross sales estimated over $1.2 billion.


PTM Food’s creative product development innovation has been on top of the industry. The companies accomplishments and outside the box thinking while successfully creating difficult formulation have been their specialty. They are the leading aseptic formulation company in the world, working for the largest multinational processing and packaging company for these types of difficult foods and beverages.


As a biology and food science major, CEO Pete Maletto pushes his knowledge of the human body which gives him a distinct advantage in creating successful functional foods and sports nutrition formulations. His extremely innovative formulations have earned him several taste awards with hundreds of specialized food products he developed. He has also been awarded several US Patents for his formulations in dietary supplements and foods.


His well rounded business, management and executive experience provides another advantage to the companies working with him because of his great understanding of branding, marketing, manufacturing, point of difference and application of effective business models.


Pete Maletto is also a writer for national magazines such as Functional Food and Nutraceutical World on functional beverages, dietary supplements, updating the industry on the latest trends and ingredients. His extensive work experience and proven track record have made him an authoritative resource for information in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry.

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