PTM Food Offers a Variety of Other Essential Services to Our Clients


Co Pack/Vendor/Private Label Management is available for manufacturing of food and beverage private label products. We will travel to your private label vendor and successfully manage and document the entire production and manufacturing process. PTM Food can also identify, troubleshoot and streamline production to save on total costs and ensure optimum quality control and food safety.


Private Label Manufacturing Procurement is available for research and development, prototype creation and manufacturing of products. Our large private label database and relationships with those vendors can ensure optimal costing between several private label companies.

Laboratory Services – PTM Food has the latest techniques for the testing of your product for macronutrient, micronutrient, HPLC, shelf life stability and allerge analysis.


Scientific Study Design for Label Claims – We can design and organize scientific studies for the products we produce that will support label claims to satisfy FTC and FDA requirements. These can be inexpensive small pilot studies or larger University studies.

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