The Outside Food Consulting and Management Advantage

The practice of retaining an outside consultant to manage the food development and manufacturing processes has proven to be more cost effective than employing an in‑house staff. This is partly because the attention necessary to document, improve and even re-engineer a manufacturing process requires a great deal of effort for any improvement.


New food and beverage product development is often one of the least repetitive, lowest-volume processes in most companies. The typical frequency of performing this process ranges from one to 100 projects per year. Consequentially, the in-house costs to employ highly paid workers to characterize and improve product development can become prohibitive.


Since the lifecycle of new food and beverage product development projects typically spans from three months to three years, in-house development personnel rarely have the opportunity to learn from and refine the development process through repeated use. This relatively short timeframe also results in a high turnover of young engineers, who frequently leave the company before achieving sufficient practical experience. Long-term relationships with an outside food consultant can ensure that new employees have an experienced source to help them stay educated and up to date on every process.


In addition, many companies now leave the development process up to outside consultants and concentrate on other cost saving strategies. In short, the whole management process can become extremely expensive to maintain, making outside food consultants cheaper to utilize and more beneficial in the long run.

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